Simi Mahtani
Design & Art Direction
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Back to Football Flag Design

As part of the football season kickoff celebration in New York, a new event called, flags, will recognize each NFL club and the unique qualities the club and their city add to the NFL. The flags will fly at Rockefeller Center and will be featuring as an opening element to the first game of the season. The flags will be raised prior to performances by Mariah Carey and No Doubt.

The Back to Football flags began as a fan contest in order to further connect this to the local community. Fans had the opportunity to write their best description, in concept, what the team means to their city. The initial submissions were filtered down to the top 5 for every club, then sent to the clubs to choose the winner. 

Creative Direction: Shandon Melvin Art Direction: Chris Stackhouse Design: Simi Mahtani